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Floyd has suffered from continuous, throbbing pain down his right leg to his heel for at least a year and a half.  “On a pain level between 1-10, it was a 10, being the most painful.”  “Any previous treatments were not effective at all.” “My sisters recommended me to Dr. Durr and Dr. Childs. They had met them and were quite impressed with their knowledge and manner. “I have had amazing improvement and I am able to do what I haven’t been able to for sometime, like tie my shoes, sit in a chair, take walks, etc.  I wake up happy!”  “I have no more pain and believe it or not, my whole outlook on my life has changed.  I mentioned this to another patient and they replied, we become used to pain and the effect it has on your well-being.  My outlook is more positive now.”  “I feel 100% better than when first walking in the door, and when you feel better, you think better.”  “Dr. Durr’s and Dr. Childs diagnosis and treatment has been spot on.”  “I recommend them whenever I can.”
                                                                                    Floyd Hertzfeld