Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition like…

Celiac Disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Psoriasis, Meneires disease or any other of the more than 80 possible autoimmune conditions?

Do you also suffer with one or more of the following symptoms?

Chronic Fatigue, Sore Achy Joints, Constant Muscle Tenderness, Headaches or Migraines, Swelling, Depression or Lack of Motivation, Brain Fog, or Forgetfulness to name a few.

Here are are 2 surprising recent Autoimmune Disease Research Statistics…

The Number of known autoimmune cases in the United States has been increasing rapidly. Statistics from the National Institute of Health (NIH) show 50 Million autoimmune cases in the United States and the prevalence is rising. Compared to 9 million cancer cases and 22 million cases of heart disease.
In other words more people have autoimmune disease than cancer and heart disease combined!
And that is just the diagnosed autoimmune cases. Many people are feeling terrible and have no idea that they are suffering from an underlying non-diagnosed autoimmune reactivity that is wreaking havoc on there body.
One out of every 9 women and one out of every 12 men has an auto-immune disease in the United States Today.
There are huge dietary and environmental factors that are driving this dramatic increase. You will learn about these factors and what to do about it in this Life Changing Website!!

If you have an Auto-Immune disease or if you have been tested negative for Auto-Immune Disease through blood work but still feel you you may be auto-immune it is important to understand that prior to having a full blown auto immune disease most people have what is called silent Auto-Immunity.This can go on for many years before getting a positive autimmune blood test such as ANA or rheumatoid factor.
Silent Auto-Immunity is the first stage of auto-Immunity in which the immune system is attacking body tissue, but does not result in any significant loss of self-tissue or even symptoms. People with silent auto-Immunity will eventually develop Auto-Immune reactivity (symptoms without positive autoimmune lab panels) and then the full blown Auto-Immune disease.
The standard health care model today waits for the autoimmunity to significantly destroy the tissue (Full Blown Autoimmune Disease) before making the diagnosis and beginning treatment. The first line of therapy for auto-immunity is typically heavy corticosteroids and immuno-suppresive drugs. These medications although necessary in many full blown Auto-Immune cases carry heavy side effects.
It is very important to understand that there are supportive drug free nutritional protocols and promising breakthrough autoimmune tests (see video tab) that can dramatically help reduce your auto-immunity by determining what is causing your immune system to become hyperactive in the first place.
If these tests are completed and nutritional therapies are started before a person develops full blown autoimmunity they may prevent the disease from fully expressing itself. These protocols are also highly successful in helping a person who has already has an auto-immune disease. They can provide the support an auto-immune sufferer needs to dramatically improve the quality of their life.
Again these protocols are drug free! If you have a diagnosed autoimmune disease and are already taking medications, it is important to understand that these protocols can be used in combination as support to the commonly prescribed medications for autoimmune disease.
This website is designed to educate you on these exciting NEW HIGHLY RESEARCHED BREAKTHROUGH immune system testing procedures and nutritional support protocols!
We guarantee this website, at the very least, will give you answers nobody else has been able to give. It will change your life!

5 Biggest Mistakes Made with Autoimmune Conditions…

1. The attack against self tissue “turns on” due to many possible factors. To help these conditions, these same factors must be addressed. This is just not done in healthcare.
2. Medications are sometimes given to decrease the immune system’s attack against your own tissue. This is a short term option at best, because they will suppress your immune system leaving you susceptible to other disease/infections. In addition, this approach does not address “why” the immune system is attacking itself. This understanding is critical.
3. Not addressing the digestive tract, which is a HUGE contributor to your autoimmune condition, is also a very common mistake. The digestive tract is responsible for 70% of your immune barrier. The research clearly shows this is an area that absolutely must be addressed properly.
4. Not addressing hidden infections. Many autoimmune conditions were triggered by some sort of infection(s), or at the very least this was a contributing factor. It is critical to determine if active infections are present, as well as to properly address chronic infections too. This is commonly missed and is another critical mistake.
5. The understanding that autoimmune conditions cannot be cured, according to science, but can be absolutely controlled. This is not achieved by medications, but safely and effectively by addressing the causes of the immune system attack. These include the NF-KB signaling loop, digestive health/food sensitivity/leaky gut, liver malfunction, T cell and B cell balancing, infection, and blood glucose imbalances, to name a few. This statement is grossly misunderstood and leads to countless years of unnecessary suffering. Address these common causes and “pac-man” that is attacking your cells can slow down dramatically as can the destruction and inflammation.
*** A Bonus Note *** The destruction/inflammation will also lead to adrenal malfunction, thyroid malfunction, hormone imbalances, brain/neurologic malfunction, etc…The symptoms of which are vast.
First and foremost, autoimmune conditions are one of the most mistreated and misdiagnosed conditions I see in practice everyday. Autoimmune conditions are at the center of the Fibromyalgia diagnosis, the Chronic Fatigue diagnosis, and the Chronic Pain diagnosis among others. The next few sentences are vitally important to you and your life moving forward.
Healthcare’s approach to autoimmune conditions is to watch and wait. If your symptoms become bad enough you will be prescribed pain meds or immuno-suppressive medications/corticosteroids. As most educated healthcare providers will tell you, this is not a good long-term plan.
You do not just have an autoimmune condition. Most, if not all of my patients also have adrenal issues, hormone imbalances, anemias, chronic viral infections and blood glucose issues that are not properly tested and certainly not properly treated. The complexities of autoimmune conditions are not taught in the standard curriculum of most healthcare professions. It has taken me years to understand these conditions to this degree.
Hi, my name is Dr. Charles Durr and I see patients in my office everyday who are suffering miserably with autoimmune conditions. Many of you have the above mentioned symptoms, and have possibly been diagnosed with a specific autoimmune condition. Believe it or not, however, many that come see me have not yet been diagnosed. The content of this website is designed first and foremost to empower you with most needed information.
Autoimmune diseases are becoming increasingly more common in the United States and I feel strongly, based on a lot of scientific data, as to why that is. You can read more about this on the page labeled “How Did I Get This.” Autoimmune conditions are not, according to science, curable but they are controllable. Go to the page labeled “How Do I Get Better” to learn about our highly successful and scientifically proven protocols.
Inflammation is the root of just about every symptom you have. The autoimmune condition burning like an inferno causes the inflammation and it must be stopped. At the end of the day my goal with all of my autoimmune patients is this: Regulate the immune system, remove the triggers, and fix the wounds it has caused. This will allow you to have way more good days than bad and the bad days less intense and less frequent.
Realistic, safe, and achievable! Wounds include blood sugar imbalances, anemia, adrenal malfunction, hormone imbalances, and a weak digestive tract to name a few. Click on the page at the top labeled “Other Wounds/Problems You May Have”
The primary goal of our care is to restore immune system balance, but also support a patients overall health. The extent of which is determined by health history, symptoms, exam findings, and metabolic/hormone balance questionnaires, etc. This is, by far, one of the most comprehensive and successful programs on the planet today for restoring health and vitality when autoimmune conditions are present.