Men's Sexual Health

What is the P-Shot?

PRP Therapy for ED and Sexual Performance.

A Ground Breaking Solution to Treat Erectile Dysfunction and Enhance Sexual Performance

Whether you are experiencing erectile dysfunction or simply looking to enhance sexual response, the P Shot is a non-surgical treatment designed to deliver long lasting benefits! This simple injection will effectively treat erectile dysfunction and stimulate sexual function for a better overall sexual wellness.

The P Shot is a groundbreaking medical treatment that that improves and restores healthy sexual function and satisfaction for men. Firm erections, sexual satisfaction, intimacy and enhanced orgasm are all potential benefits.

How Does Injections Therapy for ED Work?

The P-Shot is a quick procedure using your own platelet-derived growth factors (blood) to help treat erectile dysfunction. A new treatment option for men who have diminished sexual function due to prostate cancer treatment, enlarged prostate, diabetes or other causes. This simple, near painless injection will increase blood flow to your penis and quickly enhance your sexual performance and sensitivity. Erectile dysfunction can have a dramatic effect on your relationship, self-esteem and overall wellbeing. Avoiding seeking help can only worsen the problems.

Benefits of the P-Shot

PRP injections carry no heart-related risks, an important differentiator from the most common pharmaceutical option. The injection floods the penis with regeneration cells that immediately begin revitalizing muscle, tissue and nerves. The therapy is non-invasive, with no side effects or risk of allergic reaction.

The P-shot increases vascular formation and improves the health of erectile tissue for improved blood flow and better erection. It also makes other therapies like Viagra or Cialis more effective.

  • Increase sensation and pleasure
  • Improve confidence
  • Penis enhancement
  • Spontaneous response to sexual desire
  • Straightening the penis in men with Peyronie‘s disease

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