Natural Neurotransmitter Help For Depression & Anxiety

Do you experience any of the following?


• Mood Swings
• Sleep Disturbances
• Tiredness
• Depression
• Food Cravings
• Memory Loss
• Weight Gain
• Low Libido
• Anxiety
• Headaches


If you experience any of the above symptoms, you may have a neurotransmitter concern that could benefit from a comprehensive assessment by our office.
What are neurotransmitters? A neurotransmitter is the key chemical messenger of the nervous system. Neurotransmitters allow nerves to talk to each other. The brain uses neurotransmitters for many functions – from mood and thoughts to telling your heart to beat and muscles to move.

The key to feeling better is through the balance and proper response of both the calming and stimulating neurotransmitters. You might be familiar with medications that change neurotransmitter balance to relieve depression or treat Parkinson’s disease.

Fuzzing thinking, loss of short term memory, feeling like your in a ‘fog’, decreased ability to focus, anxiety, depression, increased sensitivity, fatigue, poor sleep and more, can all be helped with proper neurotransmitter balance.

By using a specially developed questionnaire and certain blood tests we can determine if you can be helped by supporting these important and powerful brain chemicals.

Amino acids, other nutritional botanicals, micro-nutrients and foods are used to support your neurotransmitter balance.

Chronic stress, poor diet, genetics, toxins, blood sugar imbalances, infections, allergies and more can affect neurotransmitter production.

Our goal is to restore balance and help you feel and perform at your highest level.  All this is accomplished without the use of strong medications that can have severe side-effects. Natural, gentle help using objective testing is at the heart our unique neurotransmitter program.

Some Important Neurotransmitters and Their Function:

GABA – an amino acid, is a key inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. It helps support relaxation and sleep. A deficiency of this amino acid can cause leave the brain in an overexcited state promoting symptoms such as fear, anxiety and worry.

SEROTONIN – a deficiency in serotonin may result in depression, anger, and loss of interest and enjoyment of life. Relationships can be similarly affected and sleep disorders may result.

DOPAMINE – this neurotransmitter has many functions in the brain, related to motivation, cognition, mood, and attention. It is associated with the pleasure system of the brain and promotes feelings of enjoyment. A deficiency in dopamine can result in physical and mental fatigue, cravings of various types, feelings of hopelessness, anger and worthlessness.

ACETYLCHOLINE – is used by the brain to promote cognition, memory, and arousal. Its deficiency can result in memory loss of various kinds, such as verbal, visual, numbers, faces, and objects.

If you would like to discuss how you could benefit from a comprehensive neurotransmitter health evaluation, contact our office at 610-518-3370 and set up a reduced cost “Discovery Visit”