Joe is a professional golfer and he said, “pain in my lower back and hip was crippling my golf game.”  “Being on my feet for long periods of time, which my job requires, was almost unbearable.”  He suffered with spondalothesis in L4.  Joe was in constant pain in his low back and hip when standing for long periods of time.  He could not play golf on a professional level due to the pain.  “I am 95% pain free and can now play golf without pain inhibiting my swing!”  I’m glad I chose care from Dr. Durr and Dr. Childs for 3 reasons, one is the results of their care, two, there is a pleasant atmosphere at the office and three, the staff is friendly, which makes it enjoyable to get treated. “The doctors are nice guys who care about your progress.  “LIFE IS MORE FUN WITHOUT PAIN!”