For at least 8 years I had been suffering with chronic joint pain, back pain, and depression. I had been diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia, as well as, Lyme disease. The pain prohibited me from being able to walk up steps. I tried physical therapy; massage therapy, and other alternative medicines along with seeing various doctors who prescribed a variety of medications. No real results from any or these treatments!
I requested information from Corrective Chiropractic. I was anxious and feared that this too would only offer temporary relief. Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr showed much sincerity in really wanting to help people improve their health. With their suggestions of weekly visits, traction, exercises and smart nutrition I began to feel better. I found my lower back pain improving tremendously and was able to stop all my medications. My biggest gauge on this chiropractic problem was on how well my joints (especially my knees) responded. To my amazement, my joints are doing GREAT! It is unbelievable! The pain I once felt is gone!
Chiropractic certainly does have its benefits! It will continue to enhance and maintain my health!! Thank you for all that you are and all that you have done for me!!