This is one of the best days of my life…I received a call about my blood work today and was told that I was no longer anemic, my potassium level was good, my iron level was real good, my immune system was back to normal, the red and white blood cells were right on and everything else I was tested for was normal.
I owe all of this to my good friends at Corrective Chiropractic.
You see, I was a total mess when I started coming to their office in September of 2002. They had the faith of God and determination to make my health improve. I was looking for a little help, but I never dreamed that my quality of like would change this much in a few months.
My Fibromyalgia is so minimal that I might as well say I don’t have any symptoms. My arthritis (what arthritis?) My three bleeding ulcers are gone, my pain from my interstitial cystitis has been much better. I feel like I am a new woman thanks to these special people. I pray to God that more people will come to them for help and get all the satisfaction that I have received in just these few months.
I am now off of 5 medications and I am never going to go back to them!
Needless to say – these great people did wonders for me and I am very grateful. I hope others will come and that they too will have the success that I am having.
Dottie Rulli