I suffered with Fibromyalgia, which first started with numbness in my fingers in October of 2004. In April of 2005 I developed numbness in my feet and left leg. I was very weak and had no appetite. Finally I ended up in the hospital for 3 days so that they could run tests to rule out various conditions. Then condition was so bad I could hardly walk or be on my feet for any length of time. My mother had to come stay with us for 2 weeks until I could handle the household chores again. All I wanted was to return to my daily activities. My doctor had put me on Neurontin and Zoloft. I did not want to be on prescription medication for any length of time because of possible side effects.
It was around this time that three different people had gone out of their way to hand me a flyer that Corrective Chiropractic had in the newspaper. ” I felt directed by the good lord!” I had some doubts that chiropractic would help me. I thought chiropractic care only helped people with back problems. After attending the Fibromyalgia Seminar with Dr. Childs, I was very hopeful that this care would help me. The office was a very friendly and warm atmosphere and Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr were genuinely concerned for their patients and their patients’ well-being.
I have been under chiropractic care since June 2005 and my symptoms had improved a lot! With a program of adjustments, traction, exercises and nutritional supplements, I find that I only have slight numbness in my left big toe. Chiropractic care takes a proactive approach in the absence of symptoms. It keeps your body at optimal health! I encourage anyone who is suffering with similar symptoms to give it a try! I talk to everyone I come in contact with! I feel like the doctors and staff at Corrective Chiropractic really listen to you and put 100% effort in helping you to regain your health!
Teresa Sassaman