In the spring of 2003 I had a flair-up of Fibromyalgia after it had been in remission for about nine years. The prescribed medication to treat Fibromyalgia also kept me from sleeping at night and this was not for me. It only made things worse. Pain medication did not help very much either.
Then, in the fall I had a car accident, a rear end collision that made the Fibromyalgia pain even worse. That is when my daughter saw the Corrective Chiropractic Outreach Ad about Fibromyalgia treatment in her newspaper.
I called this great office, met with Dr. Durr and Dr. Childs and very soon got treatment started. NO PILLS, NO PAIN MEDS, just adjustments, exercises and also understanding about how old injuries can cause this to happen.
Now, in January 2004, after three months, The Fibromyalgia pain is gone!
At 68 years of age, with only a few “creaks” in my joints once in a while, I feel good. My plan is to continue to loose some weight and join an exercise program to build up my strength.
Thank you all for so much help and attention.
Barbara Webster