Before Coming to Corrective Chiropractic I was suffering with severe neck pain. I had pain in my neck and shoulder area, with the pain increasing in severity throughout the day. By evening it was almost impossible to bear: almost to the point of incapacitation. The pain was 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for OVER 20 years. I had spinal injections with snit-inflammatory and pain relieving drugs. I was also taking Celebrex daily along with Aleve- nothing seemed to eliminate the constant pain.
          Finally, after nothing else was working I decided  to give Corrective Chiropractic a try. I had not been to a chiropractor before and really did not understand chiropractic care. I could not understand how spinal adjustments could resolve my pain problem that had been there for so long. My first impression of Chiropractic care was this is a different approach, and I was somewhat uncomfortable with the process of adjustments. The friendly staff at Corrective Chiropractic was very comforting and explained the treatment process fully. They helped dissipate my fears from ignorance. Dr. Durr and Dr. Childs are both competent professionals, who are very interested in the total person, they are encouraging and comforting. Beside regular adjustments they recommended exercises, diet and home therapy.
          Chiropractic care has reduced my neck pain by 90% over an 18 month period. I highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone who will listen. I am convinced of its effectiveness and  I am very that I was able to receive relief from the pain I suffered with for many years.

Jim Mayrides