In 1983 I had a fusion of my C6/C7 vertebrae after being immobilized and frozen in pain for over a week. I managed until 4/02 when I awakened with a crushing headache and was unable to move my head in any direction. My doctor sent me to the Paoli Hospital Emergency Room. After 9 hours they had taken a CAT Scan, x-rays, blood work, a complete neurological exam and requested a spinal tap to check for meningitis or cerebral hemorrhage, which I refused. I left the Emergency Room in as much pain as when I had arrived!
I continued in agony the next 4 days when I decided to visit to visit my previous chiropractor. He instantly restored my mobility, but the improvement was only temporary. Unfortunately, that night, I awakened to a grinding sound I and I was back where I started. I repeated the visits 34 times but the success often didn’t even last until I got to my car. In mid-August, nothing he did helped.
My head was totally immobilized from then until I found the wonderful people at Corrective Chiropractic in mid-November. In the intervening months I saw five top neurosurgeons at separate hospitals, all of who told me that I was inoperable. They said the risks of surgery were astronomical as my C3 vertebra was half way into my spinal cord and all of my neck vertebrae were collapsing together. They could do nothing. A neurologist prescribed Neurontin, Celebrex and Arthrotec with disastrous side effects. A nightmarish four hours at The Pain Clinic in Philadelphia was unsuccessful as they attempted to permanently paralyze the nerves where the muscles connected to my vertebrae in my neck. Physical therapy quickly made me worse. Acupuncture increased my pain. The final neurosurgeon prescribed a pain rehabilitation program where I would be given drugs and intensive counseling as I learned to live the rest of my life in debilitating pain. During the months preceding my discovery of Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr, I averaged 0-3 hours of sleep each night and was nearly delirious.
Throughout these seven months of agony I continued to work. I felt terribly vulnerable driving, as I was unable to turn my head. I stopped all other activities.
A friend told me about Corrective Chiropractic. When I arrived the first day, Felicia greeted me with her radiant smile. Sheryl kindly explained what I needed to do and got me started. Dr. Childs showed me my deformed spine and offered me the first real hope that I could be helped.
I did not expect any results for weeks or even months but was ready to begin. Relief was immediate and has lasted over two years without any drugs or surgery. The night after my first adjustment I slept 9 ½ hours and I have averaged over 8 hours every night since.
I have experienced physical, emotional and spiritual healing in this nurturing environment. Many of my friends have found help here since I started. I am delighted, relieved and grateful for the special care that I have received in this extraordinary place!
Julie Johns