I fell on the ice in February 2016 and was diagnosed with a concussion. I could not walk, I was hyper-sensitive to light and sounds, I could not drive and I was in pain and had headaches ALL THE TIME. I couldn't do anything. I could not work. I stayed in a dark bedroom with no noise. I went to a neurologist who prescribed Physical Therapy (???). The PT Clinic said they could do nothing for me. Since coming to Dr. Childs, I have NO HEADACHES. I can function in my house. My hyper-sensitivity has improved, I can walk and can do anything I want to. I can now get back out and do the things that I want to!

"I HAVE MYSELF AND MY LIFE BACK. I suffered from Post Concussion Syndrome for 2-1/2 years. When the symptoms came, It would take weeks or months for me to get back to where I was. I would sleep for 16-20 hours a day for weeks and it took months and months to return. It was debilitating, I was incapacitated and could not work and I was concerned for my long term health. My neurologist said there was nothing more he could do. Since coming to Dr. Childs, I NO LONGER HAVE POST CONCUSSION SYNDROME SYMPTOMS. I aM positive about my long term health, and know that if I have a problem, Dr. Childs can get me dialled back in. EVERYONE HERE TRULY CARES ABOUT THE PATIENTS."

"I had 3 concussions from sports injuries and for 3 months suffered with headaches, memory loss and could not sleep. I was sensitive to light and my eyes hurt and my vision was blurred. I had to stop attending school and stop working – and I stayed at home all the time. Prior to coming to see Dr Childs, a concussion specialist performed impact tests and sent me home to rest. Dr. Childs has a very different approach – everything was 1 on 1, treatment performed in his office so I could easily do my "at home" treatments. Since working with Dr. Childs, EVERYTHING HAS IMPROVED. No more headaches. I can sleep just fine. My vision is NOT blurred. I am back in school, working and regained my social like!"