“…since we have been coming for our adjustments, we are not sick as often, Dana has less pain and I have more strength in my right arm.”

My wife and I have been suffering with many problems.  I have had allergies and minor body aches for about 9 years.  Dana, my wife, has been suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Fibromyalgia symptoms for over six years, starting prior to having our children.
We have seen many doctors and have tried many different medications, but nothing seemed to be working.  Then one day, my wife was reading the newspaper and found an article on Fibromyalgia.  There was a phone number to call for more information, so, she called.  That was about 6 months ago.  Dana is now off her allergy medication.  She is off all of the medication for her Fibromyalgia symptoms.  She met with the doctor at Corrective Chiropractic for a nutritional consultation.  They designed a specific diet plan and she has noticed significant results.
We have noticed that since we have been coming for our adjustments, we are not sick as often, Dana has less pain and I have more strength in my right arm.  We also had our two children checked.  We noticed that Drew, our oldest, stays healthy, and John recovered from Croup very quickly with no need for medication.
The atmosphere in the office is very friendly and the staff is very courteous.  The doctors are educated and very knowledgeable. Thanks!                          

  Ron W

"Life is great when you get adjusted…"

My son Ricky suffered from chronic ear fluid after ear infections.  He has had ear infections for 4 years since he was about 1 to 1 ½ years old.  Rich was in severe pain on several occasions requiring an emergency room visit for fluid that kept building up in his ears.
In January of 2004 Ricky had tubes put in, but come November 2004 he was suffering again with fluid.  The doctors said the tubes were clogged, so that very day we started Ricky back with Chiropractic. 
Since Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr have been adjusting Ricky he has not had any problems.  No more fluid or infections!
Ricky is such a pleasure when he is not in pain and with regular adjustments we hope to continue to maintain his excellent state of health.
Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr are awesome and great with Ricky.  Life is great when you get adjusted, no matter what age, especially when you have such caring and flexible doctors.

As told by Ricky’s Mom

"Everyone in our family has slept better and felt better this year. "

I have to say that my son Luke’s story is the real story of how chiropractic care has helped our family.  We came to Corrective Chiropractic to explore the possibility of chiropractic helping chronic ear infections.  In November of 2004 Luke got his first cold.  He was sick all through the holidays.  After that it seemed like each cold he had lasted at least 10 days and led to an ear infection.  As I learned the early signs of his ear infections, I was quicker to get him to the doctor’s office each time to get antibiotics.  He would get better with antibiotics but unfortunately even when prescribed the highest possible dose of Augmentin after 2 weeks the ear infections would reappear.  Now not only did we have the ear infection to deal with but Luke also developed a rash because of the antibiotic.   I was very frustrated and concerned that tubes might be prescribed.   At that point I decided we would no go through another winter like that one. 
     I had heard that ear infections could be alleviated with chiropractic care.  So in August of 2005 Luke and I became patients at Corrective Chiropractic.  After starting on a regular adjustment schedule we saw immediate improvement in Luke’s health.  Not only have we gone the entire winter without an ear infection, most of Luke’s colds have only lasted 4 days, much better than the 10 days before chiropractic.   We have not been to the pediatrician this year except for his 2 year check up.  Everyone in our family has slept better and felt better this year. 
     I can’t stress enough how pleased I am with the quality care that Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr provide for Luke.   I believe chiropractic care has reduced Luke’s frequency and duration of colds and ear infections. 

As told by Luke’s Mom