Construction work has many rewards, but sure is tough on the body.  I was diagnosed with Carpal tunnel in both wrists.  I tried the wristbands with some relief, but I had days when I had trouble holding my hammer.  Finally after seeing an ad in the paper from Corrective Chiropractic concerning Carpal Tunnel sufferers, I made the call.  The friendly staff and the professional confidence of Dr. Durr and Dr. Childs encouraged me when they told me they could help.  I began receiving adjustments the last week in April, and within a month, my wrists were greatly improved as well as my neck and shoulders.  It is now September and as seen by my last x-ray, my “Life Curve” has improved significantly, it’s not a chore to hold up my head and the numbness in my hands and wrists is few and far between.  Even my Mom mentioned a few weeks ago that she thinks I look taller!  I have the Doctors and staff at Corrective Chiropractic to thank for that!
Joe L.