Before I came to Corrective Chiropractic, I was suffering from low back pain, Fibromyalgia, and headaches. I had been living with these symptoms for over 5 years. Because of the pain, I had difficulty lifting my son, playing sports, and completing daily tasks. My family physician and a specialist both prescribed muscle relaxers and several other medications to help me cope with the pain. The medication did not cure my problem. It was not until I began care at Corrective Chiropractic that my Fibromyalgia pain was greatly reduced so that it was almost non-existent. My lower back had improved quite a bit and my headaches are a rare occurrence. Since first coming to this office, I also started my son under care and he was just recently honored correction of the month with the great results that he has had as well. I have noticed a change in his overall health. He how gets much fewer colds and flues. Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr along with the staff are a delight. They make coming to the office a pleasant experience. At first, I was very reluctant to try chiropractic care. In fact, I was probably one of the most skeptical patients Dr. Childs has had to work with. When I finally decided to give chiropractic a shot, I was thrilled with the results. My first re-x-ray revealed those results and I was then convinced that chiropractic really works.
Alicia Wickham