Hope is a fragile emotion for a child or Teenager with learning or behavioral issues such as ADHD or other Neuro-Developmental disorders. Symptoms of these childhood disorders can range from impulsiveness and lack of attention to hyperactivity and emotional outbursts. This can often cause low self-esteem, learning difficulties, poor grades, behavioral problems, social and communication deficits, and lack of peer acceptance.

If you have a child or teenager with one of these types of concerns, you know how disruptive the disorder can be, not only for your child, but for family members, friends and teachers as well.

Many children/teenagers we see have already tried several different medications or therapies only to find the improvements in their child’s focus and behavior were usually temporary.
If everything else has failed to deliver positive results, and you are looking for a highly successful drug-free alternative to the stimulant medications we may have the answer!
The first step to potentially improving your child’s focus, attention, social skills and grades is having a “Free Consultation” with us.
Here is what will happen in this Free Consultation-
1.  We will sit down with you and listen to your individual concerns you have with your child or teenager, what they have been through, what treatments you have tried, and how their issues are affecting them at home and at school.
2.  You will have a chance to see our facility and see our neurological therapies for ADHD children.
3.  You will have all your questions answered about what we specifically do and how we have such great success helping ADHD children and teenagers using a drug free neurological and nutritional approach.
We understand that you most likely have been to many doctors, tried multiple medications and have wasted a lot of time and money looking for a solution. That is why we offer the Free Consultation.
If you are interested in learning more about how our “Drug-Free” neurological/nutritional care may be the answer for your child or teenager and you would like to have the Free Consultation please call our office at 610-518-3370 or click on
Let our excellent front desk assistants know you learned about our ADHD care program through our website and you would like to have a Free Consultation. This offer expires {!date ss+10}

Click here to watch video testimonials of some of our many ADHD patients. See how our drug-free program changed their life!

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